HOPE Park Special Pageant 2015 Theme: American Dreamin'
"Around Our World in 80 days"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a contestant?

 Contestants of all ages, both male and female who are developmentally disabled, and/or physically disabled. This includes many different types of developmental disabilities.  The exceptions are that we do not accept contestants with only a physical disability, and vision or hearing impaired. This is because someone who doesn’t have a developmental disability would have an unfair advantage over those who do.

Does it cost to be in the pageant?

 No, this year we are seeking sponsors to help with the expenses of the pageant. A contestant sponsorship is just $100.00. We are working with local businesses to obtain these, but if you have any friends or family with a business, you can ask them as well. Sponsorship information is available on the website. Each contestant will wear a sash with their sponsor’s name on it during the pageant. We will also be hosting a Meet & Greet event so that our sponsors and contestants can meet each other.

 Are tickets required at pageant?

Yes, tickets will be given to contestants at the Orientation Meeting. Each contestant’s parents/guardians will receive 10 tickets at the meeting. If you choose to do so, you may pay for the tickets when you get them, then you keep the money collected, but this is not required. If you choose to sell the tickets first, the money collected will need to be turned in at the rehearsal, or the tickets have to be turned in. We do ask that each family attempt to sell their tickets. If additional tickets are needed, you can get more, or tell your guests to purchase at the door.

What is the attire for the pageant?

 The female contestants wear long or short, formal dresses. The male contestants wear black or navy dress pants, dress shirt and tie. Gentlemen may wear a suit as well.  They have the option of renting a tuxedo if they choose to, but it is not required. For teen-adult female contestants, we do have a collection of dresses that have been donated to us from which you can borrow. We do ask that you dry-clean and return the dress to us.

Do the contestants go on the stage alone?

 No, we have escorts who will be there for each contestant, to assist them on and off stage, and encourage them throughout the event. We do allow contestants to provide their own escort, or we will provide one. We do not allow parents to escort their contestant, because not all contestants have parents. This rule does not apply to the Junior Division; however we encourage you to use someone else to escort them so you can watch! Escorts follow the same guidelines as contestants for attire.

What do the contestants do during the pageant?

The contestants are introduced as they walk across the stage, and a short bio is read by the emcees. Then each contestant is asked three questions; they have a choice of two from the questions on the application, and they are all asked the same question-“Why do you want to be Mr. or Miss Hope Park King/Queen? For those contestants who are non-verbal, their responses will be read by the emcee, or if they have devices that they use to communicate with, they can be used.


How are the contestants judged?

 The contestants are scored on areas such as their confidence, smile, appearance and personality. The judges are instructed to not judge the contestants on the way they speak, but rather, what they have to say. If a contestant is nonverbal, their parents/ guardians will write their answers to the questions, and they will be read. ALSO, if a contestant does not want to answer their questions on stage, they will be read by the emcee.

How many divisions are there?

These are the following divisions:

Adult : 30 +
Young Adult: 20-29
Teen: 13-19
Little: 8-12
Tiny: 4-7
Wee: Birth to 3

What are the awards that are presented?

We crown a King and Queen in each division, plus a 1st runner up in each division. They receive crowns and a beautiful fabric sash, trophy. The First Runner up receives a tiara (female) or a medal (male). All other contestants receive a Royal Court Sash.. We also award a People’s Choice Award to one contestant in each Division, who raises the most funds for this Award.

What is the People’s Choice Award?
All contestants are given a container to collect donations for this award. They will be turned in at the Pageant Rehearsal and counted, and the amount logged in. Then, the day of the pageant, There will be a display of the contestants, with their pictures and their containers, where guests can add additional
funds to their container. These will be totaled and added to the first amount turned in, and a winner in each division will be announced.

Are we allowed to video and/or photograph during the pageant?

 Photographs of each contestant will be taken before with a formal backdrop, and during the pageant. These will be taken by our volunteer professional photographer. She will also take pictures of the Kings and Queens during crowning, and again with the formal backdrop.  The photographer is donating her time, and will provide us the pictures to be put on a cd for purchase by each family. The price she allows us to sell them to you is nominal, and she also gives a signed release so that you can print pictures from the cd anywhere. We will also have a professional video made of the event, which will available for a nominal fee as well. You may take pictures/video from your seat, however you may not stand up or move to the front to take pictures. We also have a staff reporter who will be taking pictures for the local newspapers, so please adhere to this guideline so we can obtain some great pictures of all our contestants!

What is the After Party?

 The After Party is a time to celebrate!
We will need reservations for the number you need, and the tickets will be given to you at the rehearsal.

Where do I register?


Do I need to fill out any paperwork?
Yes. After you register, please fill out the appropropriate application for the category in which you will participate, a liability form, and the parent commitmment form. To return them, you may scan and email them to Lori@OurHopePark.com OR mail them to HOPE Park Special Pageant, 2680 Hwy 42 North, McDonough, GA 30253 ATTN: Lori Harris

Junior Application
(Wee, Tiny, Little)

Teen Application

Adult Application

Parent Committment Form

Liability Form



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